Classic Studio portrait - Studio Rental

Rent our studio space!

Classic Studio is now available for photographers to rent for their next photo session.

The space, inside Gallery 202 in Uptown Westerville, has a wide selection of lights, lighting modifiers, backgrounds and setups that will benefit any photographer struggling to find a suitable location.

Classic Studio is part of an artist’s co-op at Gallery 202 where creativity is welcomed, encouraged, and expected. Our work space is far from a traditional studio with preset lights and routine backgrounds. We’ve struggled to make Classic Studio an experiential environment that will satisfy your expressive vision and your clients need to know you are not an ordinary photographer.

Classic Studio is managed by Gary Gardiner, a photographer who’s been behind a camera since he was 12 years old. Renting Classic Studio space not only gets you access to the gear and square footage. You also have Gary’s 45 years of professional shooting experience to help you with your next photo session. If you’re relatively new to the business, access to the depth of experience and the willingness to share it makes Classic Studio more than a place to shoot photos. It becomes a learning space, which is the purpose of Gallery 202.

Another advantage of renting Classic Studio is the price. Do your due diligence and see for yourself what studio space costs in Central Ohio.

Classic Studio is a bargain at $25 an hour. Rent for one hour for $25. Rent four hours for $100 and get a five hours.

Our only caveat is you must spend your first hour learning about the studio. We’ll teach you about our lights, backgrounds, remotes, modifiers, and answer any questions about access and operation. Once you’ve been trained, there is no other cost than the hourly charge. You can use the time any day and way you want as long as no one has beaten you to the calendar date.

The studio can be open 24 hours a day with a little planning. However, expect to pay a little more after 11 p.m. and before 7 a.m.

Call or e-mail to setup an appointment to check out the studio and see for yourself how it meets your needs.

Classic Studio – Gary Gardiner
38 North State St.
Westerville OH
614-270-5705 – Cell
614-388-8188 – Business