This is Photoshop Week

Monday, January 23

Meetup at Classic Studio in Gallery 202Photoshop classes - man working under hood of truck. This is a twice-a-month Meetup for  Westerville area photographers. This week’s discussion is preparing photos for Web presentation. It’s all about sharpening, EXIF, IPTC, and copyright placement.

Saturday, January 28

A day of  Photoshop training in Classic Studio at Gallery 202.

With four separate sessions ranging from workflow to Smart Objects and Layers, this series of classes will bring you from adequate to outstanding in creating photos that look spectacular on your Web site, on your wall, or hanging on the wall of a client.

The classes are a practical, working set of processes that will change the way you use Photoshop. For the better.

Just like the fellow in the photo at right, we’ll get under the hood of Photoshop and learn the practical way to make it work for your needs.

Sign up for one or all of the classes. Discount for all classes.

Photoshop Basics for Photographers

If you’re interest in photography goes beyond simply shooting pictures and having them printed at Walgreens, you need to know Photoshop.

This class introduces you to the best photo editing software available. It is unsurpassed in its capabilities and worthy of the investment.

This 90-minute class cost $45.

Bring your laptop with Photoshop installed.

Saturday, Jan. 28, 8:00 a.m.


Best Workflow Practices for Photoshop

The next time you’re looking for that photo of Uncle Mark or the slide into home plate by you daughter and can’t find either, this is the class for you.

We’ll work our way through the full process of handling photos from how they are stored on your camera to a permanent repository.

This 90-minute class cost $45.

Bring your laptop with Photoshop installed.

Saturday, Jan. 28, 10:00 a.m.


Photoshop Smart Objects and how they speed your workflow

Photoshop’s Smart Objects are the only method for creating non-destructive , re-editable layers of any photo you’ve take.

The original doesn’t need to be RAW, although it is helpful. Editing with Smart Objects is possible with your JPG and TIF images.

This 90 minute class costs $45.

Class size is limited.

Saturday, Jan. 28, 1:00 p.m.


Adjustment layers and masks – Using only the good parts

After you’ve learned that shooting RAW files is the best way to start getting great results with your photos and when you’ve decided that Smart Objects is the most efficient process for handling image files, it’s time to learn about Adjustment Layers and Layer Masking.

This 90 minute class costs $45.

Class size is limited.

Saturday, Jan. 28, 3:00 p.m.


Take all 4 Photoshop classes for a discounted price!

photoshop-139-dollar-badgeSeparately the classes total $180. Sign up for all four and get Photoshop Basics for Photographers, Best Workflow Practices, Smart Objects, and Adjustment Layers and Masks for $139. That’s more than a 20-percent discount for all four classes.

These four classes are specifically designed for photographers who want to speed up their workflow with great techniques to create the photos they want, without any doubt about the proper way to achieve spectacular results.

  • Class size limited to 12 photographers.
  • Requires Pre-registration.
  • Call Classic Studio at Gallery202 (614-890-8202) or Photographer Gary Gardiner (614-270-5705) to information or inquiries
  • Class Materials: Bring your laptop with Photoshop.
  • Location: Gallery 202, Partners In Art, Inc. in Uptown Westerville


If any one of the individual classes fills up, this special will not be available. So register early!

Registration by calling Gallery 202, 614-890-8202. Credit card, check or cash. Pre-registration required.