November – December 2011 Class List

Digital SLR class and workshop

Learn everything you need to know to become a better digital photographer at this series of four 90 minute classes followed by open discussion and snacks and a Saturday morning PhotoWalk.

Week One – The series of classes begins with learning how to properly set up your digital SLR. You’ll know what every setting on the dials, understand what happens when you change something in the menu, and what all those markers and indicators mean in the viewfinder and on the LCD. We’ll start to explain f-stops, dynamic range, RAW files, bit depth,  histograms, and why they matter.

Week Two – The second class continues your education in learning how to determine the best exposure settings depending upon your subject matter. This means learning about aperture priority, what it means to have a high ISO, shooting in dark arenas and shutter speeds for specific sports. We’ll also help you set up your DSLR to make these choices easier to do.

Week Three -This class will give a better understand light and composition. We’ll spend time exploring the qualities of light and how it is a primary aspect of any good composition. We’ll also study traditional composition techniques and how they can be used through the viewfinder of your DSLR. Plan on spending some time in the studio looking at details that will help refine your composition.

Week Four – The market is overcrowded with enough accessories to max out a credit card or make you want to win the lottery to complete your DLSR kit. The last class deals with how to use what you already have and make informed decision about lens and accesssory purchase. We’ll discuss small strobes lighting techniques and figure out exactly what equipment you may want to purchase. In this class we’ll also discuss Photoshop, Lightroom, and their alternatives.

PhotoWalk– This is no ordinary PhotoWalk where everyone shows up a a central location and is provided a broad set of suggestions for shooting photos. Get ready for  a hands-on PhotoWalk Workshop with specific goals for a variety of photos in a unique location. No scurrying about to see what might be a possible photo or watching where others are headed so you can determine your path. Get ready to put to use all the lessons you’ve learned in the previous four classes. Expect to photograph a model, a vista, a closeup, a flash-fill subject, and use all the knowledge you learned in this series of classes.

Instructor – The class will be taught by Gary Gardiner. Gary is a former Associated Press photographer with more than 40 years of newspaper and wire service experience. He jokingly says that shooting good photos is his only skill set. It’s a great skill set to have. Gary began shooting digital in 1994 when The AP introduced the NC2000 digital camera. It cost $18,000 and took 1.3 megapixel photos of dubious quality. The camera made  digital photography available to news photographers eager to make deadlines and to do away with portable film darkrooms.

Gary’s experience ranges from news and business portraits to breaking spot news stories. A photojournalists’ range of coverage spans all parts of our society, usually on deadline and requiring quality destined for front pages of newspapers and magazines.

Gary is not new to photography and has a long history of digital photography. This real-life experience makes his instruction valuable to every student.

Class dates
Thursday, Nov 3 – 7-830 p.m. Gallery 202, Westerville
Thursday, Nov 10 – 7-830 p.m. Gallery 202, Westerville
Thursday, Nov 17 – 7-830 p.m. Gallery 202, Westerville
Thursday, Dec  1 – 7-830 p.m. Gallery 202, Westerville
Saturday, Dec. 8 – 7-11 a.m. Site will be announced at end of Lesson Four.

Price – $195, includes workbook, instructional CD and e-books, software, and work files.

Registration – Photographers interested in this class should contact Gallery 202, 614-892-8202, to register. If you have questions about the class you may email Gary.

Additional Classes

You may sign up for these classes as individual sessions. However, it is not recommended.

The purpose of this series of classes is to guide you from a novice to someone whose cumulative knowledge of their camera and what makes good photography becomes second nature. Jumping from session to session without knowing what was taught in the previous class creates gaps in your knowlege that inhibits your photographic abilities.

Plus, the complete individual sessions are more expensive than the full class schedule.

Please check back here as we add classes on point & shoot cameras, Photoshop, small strobes, sports photography and portrait lighting in November and December.

We’ll also have a free class on choosing the best camera as a Christmas gift or what to suggest to others that they might want to buy for you.