Getting better results from your new camera

moms and dads with cameras child portrait

After you’ve upgraded to a new digital SLR, added several lenses, read 15 different how-to photographer’s blogs, and opened a Shutterfly account, you still aren’t quite satisfied with your results.

Blurring, camera movement, poor backgrounds, over and under exposure, incorrect color, and flash that doesn’t work the way it did in the advertisements can cripple any photographer’s creativity.

Those failures are even more difficult to cope with because your subjects are your family.

We’ve a new class designed to help you better understand your new camera, what all the automatic functions are supposed to do, how to overcome the complexity of a camera with a computer more powerful than an Apollo moon mission capsule, and look at what dynamics makes the best photos.

Key Class Topics

  • Exposure Modes – From Aperture Priority to Completely Automatic
  • Auto-focus – Single-point vs multi-point AF; single vs. continuous auto-focus; focus tracking; locking focus.
  • Shutter Speeds, F-stops, and ISO setting
  • Metering Controls
  • Depth of Field – Selective focus with only the best parts showing.
  • Flash – Better photos from your built-in or off-camera flash.
  • Composition – The Essential Elements
  • Light – Learn how  light affects the quality of your photographs
  • Better Portraits – Composition, Lighting, Timing, and Backgrounds
  • Sunday, January 29, 2012 – 1:00 p.m.
  • Cost: $75
  • Class Length: Three hours (Usually runs longer)
  • Requirements: Pre-registration.
  • Call Classic Studio at Gallery202 (614-890-8202) or Photographer Gary Gardiner (614-270-5705) to information or inquiries
  • Class Materials: Provided. Bring your camera.
  • Location: Gallery 202, Partners In Art, Inc. in Uptown Westerville

Class size limited to 9 photographers. Register early!

Registration by calling Gallery 202, 614-890-8202. Credit card, check or cash. Pre-registration required.