Digital SLR Advanced – A study in shutter speed, f-stops, focal length, and flash highlands-pool-opening-2011-5-28-0093-HDR

This class centers on learning more about a Digital SLR than figuring out how all the dials work and what they mean.

We’ll spend the hour looking through our cameras visualizing and testing techniques that will make it easier for you to create in your camera what you see with your eyes.

Learn how you set your shutter speed is determined not only by how fast the subject is moving but which direction they are traveling.

Learn why “F8 and be there!” is not always the best advice.

Learn why a wide-angle lens may be your first choice of an accessory.

Learn when to use on-camera flash and when to turn it off.

  • Cost: $45
  • Class Length: 90 minutes
  • Requirements: Pre-registration. Call Classic Studio at Gallery202 (614-890-8202) or Photographer Gary Gardiner (614-270-5705) with questions and inquiries.
  • Class Materials: Provided. Bring your camera and lenses.
  • Location: Gallery 202, Partners In Art, Inc. in Uptown Westerville38 North State Street – Second floor

Class size limited to 12 photographers. Register early!

Registration by calling Gallery 202, 614-890-8202. Credit card, check or cash. Pre-registration required.