Breaking the rules of composition

Now that you know an f-stop from the focal length and understand how ISO effects shutter speed, it’s time for you to learn the rules of composition, so you can break them.

The first thing you’ll learn is to take two steps forward before shooting almost every photo. That’s a freebie.

The next free lesson is take two steps back for the photos where you don’t take two steps forward.

Confused? That’s to be expected. Understanding composition can be as simple as taking two steps forward or two steps back. Understanding the Golden Ratio is a little more complex but not so complex that it’s beyond the grasp of a photographer.

In fact, once you understand how every object in your photo contributes to its compositional success, you’ll begin to enjoy looking through the viewfinder exploring how each object relates to the other and how their arrangement contributes to making a better photo.

You’ll leave the class with confidence about simplifying your composition so your photos do a better job of telling the story of what you saw.

  • Cost: $45
  • Class Length: 90 minutes
  • Requirements: Pre-registration.
  • Call Classic Studio at Gallery202 (614-890-8202) or Photographer Gary Gardiner (614-270-5705) to information or inquiries
  • Class Materials: Provided. Bring your camera.
  • Location: Gallery 202, Partners In Art, Inc. in Uptown Westerville

Class size limited to 12 photographers. Register early!

Registration by calling Gallery 202, 614-890-8202. Credit card, check or cash. Pre-registration required.

There are two versions of this class. One for Point & Shoot photographers. The other class is for Digital SLR photographers. Make sure you sign up for the proper class!