Small strobe sunrise

The wake up call was well before sunrise. The arrival time was not long after wake up. The assignment was a series of photos of a fitness athlete doing warmups at sunrise, then follow her for the day for training and meals. For anyone show shoots at sunrise you know the planning is precise. The(…)

Perfection isn’t a realistic goal for photographers

What is your simplicity quotient? How do you measure the quality of your work? Do you sit quietly in a corner hunched over a laptop analyzing your Photoshop skills? Do you make display prints and share them with friends, family and other photographers? Is there a Web gallery with your photos for everyone to see?(…)

Perfect obituary for a photographer

My wife sings in the funeral choir of our church where all too often she learns about other people’s lives and family too late to enjoy the living. The eulogies are always gracious with friends and family speaking about the transitional moments in relationships, how their lives were changed by the relationship, and how sorrow(…)

Using every moment to shoot street photography

Don’t waste time waiting. You’ll miss too many good moments with too many good photos. With about an hour between the assigned arrival time and the actual start of my assignment, I had several choices. The hotel bar was a little too expensive for my taste for cheap beer. Call some friends nearby to see(…)

Wide-angle lens emphasis

Back in my youth, a few weeks ago, I read in one of the popular photo magazines that the first accessory lens bought by new photographers is a telephoto. That placed me in the select group of people whose first lens purchase was a wide-angle. I purchased a telephoto a few weeks later when I(…)

Getting up early is great

You’ve got to get up early in the morning to make good photography work. Some photographers take a mid-day siesta to recover from the hours before sunrise wake-up call or alarm clock that allows them to be in position when the sun breaks the horizon. While most people are enjoying a leisurely lunch with friends(…)

Street Portraits

Street photography is part of the daily tool kit for news photographers. It can be much more difficult for photographers who are not expected to produce a news package every single day. Walking up to a complete stranger and pointing a camera at him from just a few feet away can be disconcerting at best(…)

Aperture Priority ebook

Aperture Priority, an E-Book by Photographer Gary Gardiner, is available as a free download. The starting point for most professionals is setting their auto-exposure system to Aperture Priority. It means the photographer is controlling the most important aspect of any photo, what is in focus. Using aperture to determine depth of field sets the basis(…)

Another grab shot

When less than perfect is best I know it’s hard to believe but not everything I shoot is perfect. Such was the case today while on my bicycle pedaling into the sunset when I noticed this Mitsubishi Mirage with a pink Barbie Mustang temporarily stored in its trunk pulling out of a driveway just ahead.(…)

Composition Objects

Framing Device One of the strongest elements in this photo is use of the tree as a framing device that fills the left side of the frame. A framing device is exactly what it sounds like. Just as a frame that holds a photo or painting mounted on your wall and isolates your view to(…)

Top 5 Composition Techniques

Top Five Composition Techniques The Composition Carry Guide for Photographers™, the latest in a series of pocket guides to better photography, is published and ready for download. The PDF has the Top 5 Composition Techniques to help you make better photos. When folded, the Carry Guide is an eight page reference and instructional guide with(…)

When inches matter

Time Magazine notes in a year-end piece about photojournalists often travel together covering the same events because of convenience and safety. Sometimes that doesn’t end well as we learned this year with the deaths of Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros during an attack in Libya. An earlier marker was the deaths of Larry Burrows along(…)